Maya the Clothes Maker and Ramon the Button Maker -- Math Storybook + Kit

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This math story takes place in the imaginary town of Whatever, where children learn to solve problems and make sense through a mathematical lens! Children are guided by open-ended questions, MathPack activities, and games. Each storybook finishes with a design challenge, in which the math ideas in the book mix with children’s imaginations to yield creative solutions.  (Book and activities are designed for kids ages 5–7.)

Maya and Ramon have a problem. The shirt they’ve designed for a very tall man is missing some buttons! Together with their friend Bikoy, read the story and with your mathpack and mathpops, help them solve this problem!

Discover equations by exploring how to make bigger numbers with smaller numbers by adding to, putting together, and using math symbols to solve real world problems. 


  • Storybook
  • MathPack
  • Colorful character stickers
  • 3D button box kit
  • Pop-out buttons
  • Collectible Big Idea Cards